Advising Through a Crisis

Implementing Open and Direct Scheduling During a COVID-19 Surge

During a recent pandemic surge, Monument Health’s nurse triage line was overwhelmed by patients calling to schedule COVID-19 tests and ask about symptoms. The resulting long wait times, over 60 minutes on average, were frustrating patients and preventing the organization from scheduling the volume of tests they were prepared to perform. Speeding up test scheduling and getting nurses back to working at the top of their licensure became critical for Monument Health. 

They partnered with Bluetree to implement open and direct scheduling through an online portal where patients could log their own symptoms and self-schedule appointments. After implementation, Monument Health achieved the following outcomes:

  • Call volume reduced by over 75% in a little over 2 weeks
  • Average speed to answer reduced from >60 minutes to <10 minutes
  • Self-scheduled appointments account for 45-61% of COVID-19 testing appointments 3 weeks post-live
  • Total tests scheduled nearly doubled in the three weeks post go-live

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